Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated In Korea, Leaked Screenshot Shows SMS Based Gameplay

Silent Hill: The Short Message might be the next Silent Hill game as it was found recently rated in Korea. This is listed as a console game.

The rating was discovered by Gematsu who shared the listing for the game which was recently rated in Korea. The publisher listed is UNIANA, which is the distributor of Konami-developed games in Korea.

Following this leak, a screenshot was also shared by DuskGolem in a private discord and while they deleted it, the image ended up making its way online. In this screenshot, we can see what appears to be a dark corridor with some SMS messages in the corner.

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Dusk Golem confirmed that this screenshot gives a glimpse at the SMS messaging system that is supposedly in this new Silent Hill release titled Project Sakura.

Yeee, I posted that & deleted it quickly in a Discord I’m in, was hoping it wouldn’t be spread, but someone snapped it. Was talking about the SMS Messaging thing, but alas. – Dusk Golem

Silent Hill hasn’t received a new game in more than a decade. The last time we heard anything from it was when Kojima was working on an early version of Silent Hills featuring Norman Reedus. It was released as a free demo called PT and when Kojima left Konami, the project ended along with it.

Currently, there are rumors about multiple Silent Hill games in development and it is possible that this newly rated game is one of them. Among these projects, there are also rumors of a Silent Hill 2 Remake that is supposedly being developed by the Bloober Team.The title, Silent Hill: The Short Message also appears to line up with the rumors suggesting that this is just a small sample of a bigger story.