Here Are The Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In September 2022

For the month of September 2022, we have the complete list of games that will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass by September 15.

Microsoft is bringing new games to their Xbox Game Pass subscription every month, but some of these are removed as well. Here is the list of games that will be removed from the service soon.

  • Aragami 2 (Xbox, Cloud)
  • Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling (Xbox, Cloud)
  • Craftopia (Xbox, Cloud)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox)
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson (Xbox, Cloud)
  • The Artful Escape (Xbox, Cloud)
  • I am Fish (Xbox, Cloud)
  • SkateBird (Xbox, Cloud)
  • Lost Words (Xbox, Cloud)
  • Mighty Goose (Xbox, Cloud
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (Xbox, Cloud)

As these will be removed from the service in two weeks, there is still some time left. If you want to play any of these games, don’t hesitate and give it a go.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a great adventure offering a nice story and gameplay. Final Fantasy XIII is also enhanced for Xbox Game Pass so if you want to give it a chance, this might be the ideal moment for it.