Battlefield 2042 Open Beta | QR Code Screen, Adaptive Triggers, Performance and all other Issues

The Open Beta test version of Battlefield 2042 is now accessible for those who have pre-ordered the game and for those who have EA Subscriptions. There are a few issues highlighted by EA in a statement on their official site that need to be resolved before the open beta becomes available for General access on Friday, October 8th.

They also told the fans that how the company is working to address these issues before the official launch of the game. There are some issues that need to be resolved urgently such as Graphics, Visuals, and Performance Issues which are visible in the beta version.

According to the statement released by EA “Our open beta is representative of progress made earlier in our development cycle. Many of the issues you encounter throughout the beta have already received a great deal of new attention, and will continue to do so as we complete the final work on 2042.”

Here is the list of all the issues that are currently visible in the beta version of Battlefield 2042:

  • Unknown Error when attempting to matchmake
    More Servers are being added by EA to resolve this issue.
  • Cross-play parties
    You will meet people from other platforms through matchmaking, which is available in the final game.
  • Adaptive Triggers
    Adaptive Triggers for PS5 are not available in the beta version, however, they might be included in the Full Version.
  • Commorose
    In the beta version, you can only pin, however, it will be available in the full version of the game.
  • The QR Code Screen is still showing for eligible early access players
    The developers are looking into this issue.
  • VOIP
    It will be available in the full version including between platforms, but it is not included in the beta version.
  • Sustained EMP effect
    This issue will be fixed in the full version.
  • Xbox gameplay recording
    It will be included in the full version.
  • HDR mode on PC
    It will be available in the full version, it was removed from the open beta last minute due to a glitch.
  • Minor visual, performance, and graphical issues
    Most of these issues will be resolved in the full version.

EA has promised that they will do their best to enhance the performance of the game when it will be launched on November 19.

Battlefield 2042 is going to be released on November 19th, 2021, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.