Apex Legends’ Latest Update Reportedly Makes Game Unplayable On Xbox Consoles

Apex Legends has received a new major update starting the “Awakening” collection event, but it has also awakened something within Xbox consoles.

Basically, after this update, every player who has an Xbox console is complaining about facing input lag in their game. The worst part though is that this input lag is not just limited to Apex Legends, but once you encounter it, this will mitigate to the whole console which means you will face it in any other game including the dashboard, Edge browser, and so on.

There are so many complaints about this update “breaking” Xbox consoles that we have no idea who to mention here, but the social media is full of uproar about it.

There is a Reddit user who managed to experiment with this input lag. If you run the game and then go back and run anything else, the input lag that is faced in the game manifests in the controller itself. It could be a hardware or software issue, but there is no official comment on it for now.

More info about the latest “input lag” issue – it’s system-wide from apexlegends

So the solution, for now, is to use an older version of the Xbox controllers. This means the controller that came with either the original Xbox One or Xbox One X. If you have the latest version of the controllers then you are out of luck.

According to the testing done by the players, using old controllers appears to mitigate the issue for now until an official fix is released by Respawn Entertainment.