Alleged GTA 6 Voice Actor Reveals The Name of a New Character

According to Dave Jackson, a voice-over artist who also cites the identity of this new character, GTA 6 voice acting has begun.

According to Dave Jackson, he has been cast as police head Captain McLane in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. While the post is public and can be seen on Facebook, just in case it is removed, we have taken a screen capture.

So… I just found out from the producers, that it’s official; I will play the role of police chief CAPTAIN McCLANE in the new Grand Theft Auto series. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I didn’t really have the time for it! Haha! Yep…someday I WILL take a nap! I know it! I JUST KNOW IT!! haha! Seriously, it is a privilege to work with such a professional and fun group of folks. If you are a gamer, stay tuned….

Here’s the screenshot of this post.

According to what Dave has disclosed here, there will be a police chief in a forthcoming GTA game. Obviously, this is hardly startling news because the police have always played a significant role in most GTA games.

So, what does this all mean? It might imply that Rockstar is in the process of casting actors to voice characters in their upcoming GTA, which is expected to be GTA 6. Or it might imply that Dave has no understanding of what is going on and is confusing a character from the GTA series for the new one. It may be a new GTA Online expansion, or it could be something else.



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