Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom | All Bubbul Gem Rewards

Bubbul Gems are an exciting new collectible introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Although the game doesn’t provide explicit instructions on how to use them, these snowflake-style crystals hold great value as they can be exchanged for armor sets and useful materials. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about Bubbul Gems, including their origin, acquisition methods, and where to redeem them.

Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom – Bubbul Gems:

What are Bubbul Gems?

Bubbul Gems are collectible items dropped by Bubbulfrogs, a newly introduced enemy in Tears of the Kingdom. You will encounter Bubbulfrogs throughout Hyrule, both in the Sky and on the Surface, particularly in caves and wells. These creatures have a distinct clinging noise, making them easier to locate. Each cave in the game houses one Bubbulfrog, and once discovered, it will be marked on your map.

To obtain a Bubbul Gem, simply shoot an arrow at the Bubbulfrog, causing it to fall off the wall, fade away, and drop the precious gem.

The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!

To utilize your Bubbul Gems, you need to locate the right merchant and complete a Side Adventure called “The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!” In Tears of the Kingdom, Kilton, the monster part collector, is accompanied by his older brother Koltin. Koltin has a particular interest in acquiring Bubbul Gems to fulfill his dream of becoming a Satori.

You can find Kilton and Koltin northeast of Lookout Landing, close to Woodland Stable. Look for a vibrant hot-air balloon with a familiar face next to it (approximately coordinates 1090, 1143, 0021). Engage in conversation with Kilton to initiate the quest.

How to Complete The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!

Completing this quest is straightforward. You merely need to provide Koltin with a Bubbul Gem. If you already possess one, hand it over to him. Otherwise, you can acquire a gem in a convenient cave nearby.

Pico Pond Cave is not very deep, and inside, you will find a Bubbulfrog. Use your arrow to strike it down and claim your reward. Once you exit the cave, give the Bubbul Gem to Koltin. As a token of gratitude, you will receive a Bokoblin Mask. Koltin will then depart to pursue his dream of becoming a Satori. To spend more Bubbul Gems, you will need to locate him once again.

The Search for Koltin

After Koltin embarks on his quest to find more Bubbul Gems, you will need to seek him out to exchange your hard-earned gems for additional armor sets.

You may randomly encounter Koltin after 9 PM, but if you wish to find him promptly, pay a visit to Kilton, who has moved to Tarrey Town. Kilton will provide you with information on Koltin’s current whereabouts, allowing you to head straight to his location.

We found Koltin just north of Hyrule Field Chasm, approximately at coordinates -0317, -0163, 00121. If it’s not late enough, you can set up a campfire and wait until nightfall. Koltin has consistently been present at this location whenever we returned to spend our gems. Once you have located him, speak to him to complete the quest.

For exchanging your gems with Koltin, you will receive various rewards, including the brand-new Mystic Robe Gear Set. Equipping this set enables you to lose rupees instead of health when you sustain damage, which proves advantageous if you have an abundance of spare rupees.

Below is a list of rewards we have obtained thus far by spending our Bubbul Gems. Keep in mind that this list will be continually updated as we discover more rewards:

Number of Bubbul Gems: Reward
  • 2 Bubbul Gems: Moblin Mask
  • 3 Bubbul Gems: Hinox Toenail x3
  • 3 Bubbul Gems: Mystic Robe
  • 3 Bubbul Gems: Fire Keese Eyeball x8
  • 3 Bubbul Gems: Lizalfos Mask
  • 3 Bubbul Gems: Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail x8
  • 4 Bubbul Gems: Mystic Trousers
The Location of Satori

Satori, also known as The Lord of the Mountain from Breath of the Wild, makes an appearance in Tears of the Kingdom and can aid you in your Bubbul Gem hunt. To summon Satori and benefit from its assistance, keep an eye out for cherry blossom trees with a bowl placed at their base. By placing a piece of fruit into the bowl, Satori will be summoned, temporarily illuminating caves that still contain Bubbulfrogs. Look for blue columns in the vicinity of the tree, indicating the presence of these caves.

By following this guide, you now possess the knowledge to obtain Bubbul Gems, complete the necessary quests, and exchange them for valuable rewards. Seek out Koltin, make the most of your Bubbul Gems, and embark on exciting adventures with enhanced armor and resources at your disposal. Good luck on your journey through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

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