Where To Find Deathroot in Horizon Forbidden West?

If you are looking for a guide to find the Deathroot in Horizon Forbidden West, then you came to the right place. NOt only we will guide you where you can find Deathroot, but we will also talk about what are the uses of the Deathroot in the Horizon Forbidden west.

Deathroot is one of the main items in the Horizon Forbidden West. These types of items can be used for different things in the game, e.g. solving puzzles or opening new quests. SO in this guide, I will tell you the use of Deathroot too with its location.

Horizon Forbidden West – Where to Find Deathroot:

Here is the guide to look for the Deathroot. All the locations are mentioned below.

Deathroot Location

Follow these steps to get to the Deathroot:

  • First, you need to go to the Roundtable Hold and find theHunter of Dead “D”.
  • When you Find ”D” then talk to him.
  • He will tell you a story about a boss called Tibia Mariner.
  • This is the boss that will drop the Deathroot after you defeat him.
  • This boss is most likely to spawn on some lake or pond areas because it uses a boat.
  • If you find that boss you may have to have to fight some other enemies too. So be prepared for that.
  • There are many places Tibia Mariner can spawn, but here are some very good places to look for,
  1. Summonwater Village
  2. Wyndham Ruins
  3. Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Some other places that you can look for Deathroot in the chest are:
  1. Death touched Catacombs
  2. Gelmir Hero’s Grave
  3. Red Wolf of the Champion

Deathroot Use

As far as to use for Deathroot, you can exchange them from a character for some other good stuff.

After getting the Deathrooots go back to “D” and he will tell you the location for “Gurranq, Beast Clergyman”. You can find him in by going through the teleporter marked by “D”.(North East side Caelid, Bestial Sanctum.

Just go to this beast and exchange the Deathroot with some special items like Beast Roar, Beast eye or Beast Claw.

One more thing to remember is when you will give him 4 death roots he will start attacking you and you need to defeat him so you can continue exchanges.