Elden Ring | Dungeon Locations Guide | Where To Find All The Dungeons?

There are several dungeons in Elden Ring for the players to explore and complete to get free rewards. Here are the locations of All the Dungeons in Elden Ring.

In this guide, we will not only tell you all the locations to Dungeons in Elden Ring but also will tell you what rewards you will get after clearing those dungeons. These dungeons aren’t very hard to find. Also if you know all the rewards, you can get back there to get what you want.

Locations of All the Dungeons in Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring bosses are the best way to gain more power. If we talk about Dungeons then they are the best way to get all types of materials you need. Not only can you collect materials but also you can find some good weapons too.

Get yourself a Torch from a merchant Church of Elleh or buy a hands-free lantern from the merchant in the Lakes of Liurnia before going to Dungeons. There will be many places where you need that.

There are a total of 9 Dungeons locations we have so far.

1.  Groveside Cave

To go to this Dungeon, you need to travel to the Northside from the Church of Elleh. You will find this after the turtle pond. You will find many enemies standing at the entrance to the  Dungeon.


Rewards Flamedrake Talisman


2.  Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

You can find this Dungeon near the Stranded Graves and clearing this Dungeon is not going to be an easy task.

Rewards Golden seed, Banished Knight Oleg summon, Erdtree’s Favour talisman


3.  Limgrave Tunnels

You can find this dungeon near the Stranded Graveyard (the northernmost tip of the lake to the right side of the Stranded Graveyard). There you will find many enemies. The miners working won’t attack you unless you attack them, some of them standing will attack you.

Rewards Roar Medallion, Smithing Stones


4.  Stormfoot Catacombs

You can find this dungeon when you go to the North West side of the Church of Elleh. You will also notice a statue at the entrance looking towards the dungeon from the top.

Rewards Noble Sorcerer’s Ashes


  1. Death touched Catacombs

If you go to the Eastside from the Warmaster’s Shack on Stormhill, you will find this dungeon on a cliff. The main thing to be aware of here is the bones that become skeletons when you pass by.

Rewards Assassin’s Crimson Dagger talisman, Uchigatana, and Deathroot


6.  Coastal Cave

To get to the entrance to this dungeon check the beach near the South West island. The first creatherws will welcome you here will be a bunch of goblins screaming and attacking you.

Rewards Tailoring Tools


7.  Murkwater Cave

This is going to be one of the easiest dungeons in the game. To find the entrance you need to go North from the lake where you fought Agheel. Find the bridge and get under the bridge. If you go far on the left side you will see the Cave entrance.

Rewards Cloth Garb and Cloth Trousers


8.  Murkwater Catacombs

To get to the entrance for this dungeon check near the stream (next to the stream from Limgrave lake). On the way there you could find some hard-to-beat enemies.

Rewards Battle Hammer


9.  Highroad Cave

To find the entrance to this dungeon you need to go Northside from Murkwater Catacombs with the river with tentacles in it. You may have to use the spirit spring here to jump to get access to it and with that on the left side, you will see the entrance.

Rewards Blue Dancer Charm