Top 5 Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2 Lightfall is all about finding the best gear to face the toughest challenges.

While Exotic weapons get a lot of attention, Legendary weapons can be just as important for Guardians looking to dominate the battlefield. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which ones to prioritize. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top 5 Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall that should be in every Guardian’s arsenal. Whether you’re focused on PvE or PvP content, these weapons will give you a serious edge in combat.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Top 5 Legendary Weapons:

Here’s the list of the top 5 Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall:

  1. Fatebringer – This hand cannon is a fan-favorite from the original Destiny, and it has made a return in Destiny 2 with new perks and abilities. It has a unique perk called Firefly, which causes enemies to explode upon death, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies.
  2. Succession – This sniper rifle has excellent range, stability, and damage output, making it a popular choice for players who enjoy long-range engagements. It can also roll with the powerful Fourth Time’s Charm perk, which can return rounds to the magazine after landing precision hits.

  3. Calus Mini-Tool – This submachine gun is an excellent choice for PVP players, thanks to its high rate of fire and excellent handling. It also has the popular Threat Detector perk, which increases stability and handling when enemies are nearby.
  4. Beloved – This sniper rifle is another favorite among Destiny 2 players, thanks to its high range and precision damage. It also has a unique perk called No Distractions, which reduces flinching when aiming down sights, making it easier to land shots.
  5. Taipan-4FR – This fusion rifle is a powerful and versatile weapon, thanks to its high damage output and unique perks. It has a perk called Reconstruction, which gradually increases the magazine size and reserves over time, making it an excellent choice for extended engagements.

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