Tales Of Arise | Earth Seed | Where To Find?

Earth Seed is a rare material in Tales of Arise which you will need to find to complete a quest. This quest requires you to collect four Earth Seeds, the quest will doesn’t gives you good information about the Earth Seeds location. This quest is known as the Hard Liquor quest, in which a Woodcutter Man in Messia 224 will ask you to find 4x earth seeds. He needs these seeds to make cillagin, an alcoholic beverage, which he will use to keep himself warm during the winter season. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the Earth Seeds to complete the Hard Liquor quest in Tales of Arise.

Where To Find Earth Seeds In Tales Of Arise:

The Hard Liquor quest starts in Messia 224 in Tales of Arise. Go to the Woodcutter and talk to him. He will give you a task to find 4 Earth seeds which he needs to brew Cillagin. You can find the Earth Seeds in the nearby location so you won’t have to go far in search of them.

Go to the Ulvhan Grotto. After you are inside it, you will have to hunt down as many Ropers as you can to get Earth Seeds. Because when you kill a Roper it will drop an Earth Seed. Not all Ropers drop Earth Seeds however, there will be enough Ropers to give you 4 Earth seeds. So until you get your 4 Earth Seeds you should move around the battlefield and wait for the Ropers to respawn and then kill them to get the Earth Seed. Once you get all the 4 Earth Seeds go back to Messia 224 and give the Earth Seeds to the Woodcutter Man. Once you give him the Earth Seeds the quest will be completed.

That’s everything there is to know where to get Earth Seeds in Tales of Arise.