Stray | All Easter Eggs?

Stray is an adventure game that you can play as a cat and there are many easter eggs hidden that you need to find.

There are many different easter eggs to be found by players in Stray. In this game, you play as a cat who is trying to get back to her family. It’s possible that you have missed some of the easter eggs in the game or you found it but you don’t have the reference for them. These easter eggs reference many different games and some TV series. I have prepared a full guide for players who are interested in finding these secrets. Check below for the full guide.

All Easter Eggs in Stray and Where You Can Find Them:

Here is the full list of Easter Eggs in Stray:

  • Stranger Things Easter egg:

You can find this Easter Egg in the first chapter of the game where it’s playing on the TV. This reference to a Netflix series of stranger things first season.

  • The Simpsons Easter egg:

You can find a bar in Midtown with the name Duffer Bar on a sign. There is a popular beer show in the Simpsons TV series called Duff Beer, so it’s a reference to that.

  • Persona 5 Easter egg:

You will find a guy named Sojiro in a bar in Stray. This is a reference to a popular game Persona 5 where you can find the same guy with the same name who owns the bar.

  • Skyrim Easter egg with Sojiro:

You can find many easter eggs related to Skyrim in Stray. The first easter egg you can find related to Skyrim is a famous line that Sojiro at the bar will say “he took a screwdriver to the knee. While in Skyrim the original line is “…then I took an arrow to the knee.”

  • Skyrim Easter egg at Waterfalls:

Another easter egg from Skyrim you will find near the waterfalls, where you will find a guy name Jenkins, who happens to repeat the same line from Skyrim “Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures.”

  • Gravity Falls Easter egg:

You can find this easter egg in the library. You will find a book in the library that is very similar to a journal used in the Gravity Falls Disney series.

  • Back to the Future Easter egg:

In Stray, you will find 2 characters having similarities to 2 characters in Back to The Future with the names ”Seamus McFly and Doc Brown”.

  • Criminal Easter eggs:

When you found a prison in Stray, there will be 2 criminals trying to escape the prison. They are references to famous criminals Pablo Escobar and Al Capone.

  • Half-Life Easter egg:

When you get on a train while playing Stray, you will find 2 empty carts and there you will find a crowbar which is a famous weapon used in the popular game series Half-Life.

  • Technical Game designer Easter egg:

Another easter egg you can find near the prison is a robot. The robot’s name is Alterisateur, which is an alias used to represent the Technical game designer Hugo Dunas-Wald.

  • Developers saying ‘Hello You!’ Easter egg:

Developers of the game Stray left a message for you that you can find in slums. If you see a QR code on the TV screen there then scan it and you will get a message saying “Hello you!”.

  • Dungeons and Dragons Easter egg:

You will find 2 characters in Stray, and their conversion about something like they forgot to set up a session and character sheet. This conversation is a reference to the game Dungeons and Dragons. The characters’ names will be Lynn and Pinu.

  • Nujabes Easter egg:

You will find a busker in the game and if you asked him, he will play a song that is similar to a song by a Japanese record producer Nujabes. The song’s name is “Counting Stars”.

  • B-12 Name hidden message and Easter Egg:

If you are wondering what is Meant by B12 that you will find in-game in many places then it’s related to the developers of the game “BlueTwelve Studio”.