Digimon Survive | How You Can Save Shuuji & Everyone?

Who doesn’t want to save his friends? It’s the same in Digimon Survive too. So if you want o save Ryo and Shuuji then check our full guide below.

In Digimon Survive at least in the first ending, you will see many characters will die and you wish you could do something to save them. So we are here to help you with that. But before reading the full article you need to know there will be spoilers in this guide. So you can check this guide after finishing the game once. You should also know that in order to save anyone in the game Ryo’s Affinity level should be at a minimum of 40 levels. And you need to take a Moral Path too to save him.

How You Can Save Shuuji & Everyone in Digimon Survive:

As I already told you that you can not save anyone on your first ending of the game. Once you finish the game once there will be a new mode open New Game +. By playing in this mode you can save Shuuji.

How to Save Shuuji in Digimon Survive?

Here is how you can save Shuuji:

  • After finishing the game once start a new game in New Game + mode.
  • The next thing you need to know is to increase your affinity for Ryo and Shuuji as much as possible. Because if you have affinity at least at level 30 then it’s guaranteed that Ryo will survive.
  • In the ending scene for Shuuji where he is fighting Lopmon this time Ryo will interfere and that will totally change the ending of the game.

How to Save Ryo in Digimon Survive?

Here is how you can save Ryo:

  • In the second gameplay, you need to talk with Ryo as much as you can to increase the affinity.
  • If you think you got some answers wrong then save the game and change the answer.
  • Now with his ending fight with Haru if you have a lot of Affinity Level then everyone will come to save Ryo.