Guardians of the Galaxy | What Happens When You Help Cosmo?

GOTG is now available and it is full of different choices that players will have to make in the game. Here we will tell you whether you should help Cosmo or not in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Players will have to make several different types of choices in GOTG. Some of these choices don’t have an impact on the storyline, however, some of these choices make a little difference in the game. During Chapter 8, players will have a choice to save Cosmo “The Space Dog” or not. Here in this guide, we will tell you whether you should help cosmo or not in GOTG.

Guardians of The Galaxy – Should You Help Cosmo?

You should start a nice dialogue with Cosmo if you want to help him. Choose the following options to help him once the conversation starts:

  • Offer Hand
  • Focus on Present
  • Remind about Puppies

Choosing all of these options will make Cosmo remember his puppies and it will break him out of his fantasy. After that Cosmo will go after his puppies. Helping Cosmo will allow players to skip a puzzle at the end of Chapter 12. The length of the Chapter will also become short by helping him. If you want to see what happens if you don’t help Cosmo then you can replay the Chapter anytime you want from the main menu in Guardians of the Galaxy.

That’s everything there is to know about Should you help cosmo or not in GOTG. If you want to know about the New Game Plus in Guardians of the Galaxy then check out this guide.