Should You Buy The Disabler or Not In Guardians of The Galaxy?

There are several tough choices you will have to make in GOTG. Here we will tell you whether you should buy Disable or not in Guardians of the Galaxy.

GOTG will give you several tough choices to make in the game. You will have to make these choices without any knowledge about their consequences. In chapter 6 you can choose to buy a Disabler or refuse to buy it, but you don’t know which option is the right one. So here in this guide, we will tell you whether you choose to buy the Disabler or Refuse to do it in GOTG.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Should You Buy The Disabler Or Not?

You will be Sent to Knowhere to find Cosmo during Chapter 8 of GOTG. You will come across a Junk dealer when you are wandering around Knowhere. He will tell you that he has a device that will help you to remove any NOVA Corp Disabler. If you want to buy it you will have to pay 1500 Credits but it will be of no use to you. So it means that your 1500 Credits will be wasted if you buy that device.

So the best Choice here is to refuse to buy that device and save your 1500 credits as that device is just a waste of your Credits in Guardians of The Galaxy.

That’s everything there is to know about Disabler in GOTG. If you want to know should you play the second round of the Cup and Ball Game in Guardians of the Galaxy then check out this guide.