,Resident Evil 4 Remake | Charms | How To Get All of Them?

Resident Evil 4 Remake is Capcom’s latest addition to the popular horror franchise.

The game has already gained popularity and features a new set of charms that provide passive bonuses and impact different stats of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Resident Evil 4 Remake’s charms, how to get them, and what they do.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Charms:

Here’s everything you need to know about charms in RE4 Remake:

How to Unlock Charms

Players can equip Leon’s attaché case with charms that offer passive bonuses by unlocking them from the various shooting ranges. Before attaching any charm, players must first unlock them by completing challenges in the shooting ranges. The first opportunity to use the Merchant’s shooting range is in Chapter 3, after passing through the Quarry. Use the elevator to the right of the Merchant to access the shooting range.

Each range has its own set of challenges, and the highest scores can be achieved by completing extra conditions. Finishing challenges and hitting skulls earns players Tokens that come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold forms. These tokens can be used at the Vending Machine by using three of any type. Players can also buy Gold Tokens from the merchant in exchange for Spinel, a rarer currency starting in Chapter 11.

Types of Charms Charms are classified into different rarity tiers as well as four categories. Players can use Gold, Silver, and Bronze tokens to influence the rarity of a charm. A combination of three Gold tokens provides the best chance of getting a legendary charm.

The four categories of charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake are:

  • Combat Charms: These provide improved effects and bonuses when in combat with enemies. For example, they may boost critical hit rate or Leon’s run speed.
  • Merchant Discount Charms: These help players save money when interacting with the Merchant. They provide reductions in repair and upgrade prices or better selling prices.
  • Healing Bonus Charms: These provide improved healing effects for the various items Leon can eat, such as Green Herbs and fish.
  • Crafting Bonus Charms: These increase the frequency of crafting bonus ammo for the different weapons in the game.

All Unlockable Charms Resident Evil 4 Remake currently features 30 unlockable charms, with two being Deluxe Edition exclusive items. Note that the passive bonuses do not stack. Therefore, equipping two charms that impact Green Herb Health recovery will not be combined into a higher percentage. Players should make sure their three charms have unique bonuses to get the most out of them.

Deluxe Edition Charms:

  1. Green Herb: +15% Health Recovery for Green Herbs
  2. Handgun Ammo: Adds 30% Handgun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency

Legendary Charms:

  1. Cute Bear: -1 Gunpowder used when Crafting
  2. Striker: Increases run speed by 8%

Epic Charms:

  1. Illuminados Emblem: +20% Melee Critical Hit Rate
  2. Ashley Graham: +50% Health Recovery for Green Herbs
  3. Merchant: 5% Off All Weapon Upgrades
  4. Rhino Beetle: +100% Health Recovery Item Resale Value

Rare Charms:

  1. Ada Wong: 30% off Body Armor Repairs
  2. Luis Sera: +20% Weapon Resale Value
  3. Leon w/ Rocket Launcher: 20% off the Rocket Launcher
  4. Leon w/ Handgun: 30% off Knife Repairs
  5. Leon w/ Shotgun: +40% Ammo Resale Value
  6. Chicken: +100% Health Recovery Rate for All Egg Types
  7. Black Bass: +100% Health Recovery Rate for Black Bass

Common Charms:

  1. Leader Zealot: +10% Health Recovery for Green Herbs
  2. Don Jose: +15% Handgun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  3. Soldier w/ Hammer: +20% Handgun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  4. Don Esteban: +15% Shotgun Shells Craft Bonus Frequency
  5. Zealot w/ Shield: +20% Shotgun Shells Craft Bonus Frequency
  6. Don Diego: +15% Rifle Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  7. Dr. Salvador: +20% Rifle Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  8. Don Miguel: +15% Submachine Gun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  9. Zealot w/ Scythe: +20% Submachine Gun Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  10. Soldier w/ Stun Rod: +15% Bolt Craft Bonus Frequency
  11. Zealot w/ Bowgun: +20% Bolt Craft Bonus Frequency
  12. Soldier w/ Dynamite: +30% Attachable Mines Craft Bonus Frequency
  13. Maria: +15% Magnum Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  14. Bella Sisters: +20% Magnum Ammo Craft Bonus Frequency
  15. Isabel: +30% Health Recovery for Vipers
  16. Don Pedro: +40% Health Recovery for Vipers

Resident Evil 4 Remake features an impressive variety of charms that can make a huge difference in gameplay, especially for those who like to optimize their runs. While the charms do require some effort to unlock, they are well worth the investment, as they offer some significant passive bonuses that can help players save money, improve their combat skills, and more. As such, players who want to make the most out of their playthroughs should not overlook these little trinkets and make sure to use them to their full potential.

Remember that charms do not stack, so players should ensure that the ones they attach to their case have unique bonuses to maximize their effectiveness. Finally, Resident Evil 4 Remake is an excellent title that has already gained widespread critical acclaim, with the addition of charms making the game even more enjoyable for fans of the series.

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