Rainbow Six Extraction | Top 5 React Techs?

Rainbow 6 Extraction has a total of 21 React Tech which can be used by the operators. Here we will tell you the top 5 Reach Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction is quite the game. Even though it’s not the newest and hottest shooter on the market, it still has a sizable fan base that’s eager to see what Ubisoft has in store for them; particularly in the coming months.

Today we’ll be focusing on bringing you the best React available in Rainbow Six Extraction. So follow this guide to know more about the best Reacts in the game.

Top 5 React Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow 6 Extraction has a total of 21 React Techs are used by the operators during missions to help you to fight against the opponents. All of the Reach Tech are impressive but we have listed the top 5 React Tech available in R6 Extraction:

Top 5 React Tech

Body Armour:

You can get this very early in the game. With this body armour, you will get 20% less damage than normal. But you can lose this armour while getting a lot of damage in the game. It can help you go through some damage.

Nitro Cell:

This item can set an explosion. You just need to make sure your enemies’ location to use this properly. You can always use it in a good place where you know the enemies will come. It can also be used as a trap.

Field Wall:

A field wall is a defensive item that can protect you and your allies from enemies bullets but your allies bullets can go through it to kill all the enemies. Best way to use it is on checkpoints.

Paralysis Grenade:

As a name suggests, it can paralyse a large number of enemies for 5 seconds. So use it with good tactics. Make a good trap to lure them all in and use this and then you can finish them off easily.

Arc Mine:

It will trigger when an enemy passes near it. You can place it on the side of the doors where the enemies could not see properly and wait for them. It can cause damage to more than one person.