Rainbow Six Extraction | How To Exfil and Bank XP?

You can’t save your XP etc because if you leave a mission in the middle all of your XP will be lost. Here’s How To Exfil and Bank XP in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Listen, I’m no expert in Rainbow Six: Siege, but it is tolerable. I’ve been playing the closed beta with a few friends and figured out how to take out enemies, clear a room, and bank some XP.

Here’s my guide on how to exfil and level up in Extraction mode.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Exfil & Bank XP

You need to Exfil, so you can Bank some XP and evacuate your Operator from any mission safely. This guide will be for those who want to know more about Exfil.

Exfil in Rainbow Six Extraction

Follow the instructions listed below to know how to Exfil in RS6:

  • First, you need to find a helicopter icon after finishing any mission.
  • By clicking on that it will take you to Exfil Zone and it’s available in each submission.
  • When you get to any Exfil zone the next step you need to do is press and hold E/square or X.
  • That will give you an option that will show you how much XP you can bank right now.
  • After that, you will see yellow and black lines on the floor. Stand on them for at least 5 seconds and that will Exfil for you and then you can return back on the main screen.