Pokemon Go | Little Cup | Which Are The Best Pokemon & Teams in Battle League?

The Season 11 cup known as Little Cup is happening in Pokemon Go and players want to know which are the best Pokemon and teams in Battle League. So Let’s take a look at them.

You must use a Pokemon that should meet certain requirements as well as fit into a well-rounded squad in a match. So here in this guide, we have made a list of all the best pokemon and the best team combination idea in the Little Cup.

Pokemon Go Little Cup – Best Pokemon & Teams:

The Pokemon must meet the following requirements to take part in the Little Cup Battle League:

  1.  All the entrees must be at 500CP or less.
  2. All the Pokemon must be able to evolve to take part in the cup.

So it means that only the tiniest of tykes can take part in the cup, as the name of the cup is Little Cup.

Best Pokemon:

Here’s the list of all the best Pokemon that you can use in the Little Cup:

  1. Bronzor
  2. Deino
  3. Seel
  4. Alolan Vulpix
  5. Kanto Vulpix
  6. Cottonee
  7. Ducklett
  8. Shelmet
  9. Wynaut
  10. Growlithe
  11. Stunky
  12. Lickitung
  13. Igglybuff
  14. Salandit
  15. Pawniard

Best Team Combinations:

You can make any best team combination of the above-mentioned Pokemon for Battle League PG Little Cup. Here are some Combinations that we have suggested for you as the best team:

  1. Cottonee – Kanto Vulpix – Growlithe
  2. Bronzor – Igglybuff – Pawniard
  3. Alolan Vulpix – Seel – Pawniard
  4. Bronzor – Stunky – Cottonee
  5. Ducklett – Bronzor – Kanto Vulpix
  6. Bronzor – Shelmet – Growlithe
  7. Alolan Vulpix – Shelmet – Wynaut

That’s all there is to know about the best Pokemon and best team in PG Little Cup Battle League.