Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Master Balls – How To Get Them?

Getting Master Balls in Pokemon BDSP is not easy. Here’s How to get Master Balls in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The Master Ball is a rare item that can catch any Pokemon in the first attempt without any chance to Are you having trouble finding the Master Balls in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond? This guide will show you where to find them!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Master Balls:

I am sure you all know how hard it can be to catch some legendary pokemon. And for that reason, Pokemon BDSP introduced Master Balls, with them, you can catch any pokemon without worrying about failing.

But to give it a fair deal, Pokemon BDSP only adds Two Master Balls for each player. But those Two Master Balls are not easy to get. So in this guide, I will share details on how you can get those balls.

Locations For Master Balls In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shinning Pearl:

You can find the Master Balls at the following locations in Pokemon BDSP:

  1. Team Galactic HQ
  2. Lottery

1st Master Ball Location: Team Galactic HQ

  • Go to Snowpoint City.
  • To get this, you have to defeat the first Gym Leader Candice.
  • After defeating Gym Leader, you need to go Veilstone City to the Acuity Lakefront.
  • There you need to find Galactic Warehouse.
  • There you will find some keys for Villainous Headquarters.
  • Go to the floor 4F, where you need to defeat the boss.
  • After defeating the boss, you will get Master ball as a reward.

2nd Master Ball Location: Lottery

  • To get this 2nd Master Ball you need a lot of luck because you have to win this in a lottery.
  • Go to Jubilife City.
  • Then find the TV Station and enter.
  • On the TV Station, you will find a lottery place.
  • Winning a lottery depends on your luck.
  • GoodLuck, that you need a lot for this.