Palworld | How To Play It in Multiplayer & Co-op mode

Palworld was released a few days ago and those who haven’t started playing it are asking whether it supports multiplayer, and co-op, or not. Here’s the answer!

Palworld, a survival crafting game reminiscent of Pokémon, introduces a multiplayer component to enhance the gaming experience. While some aspects of progression remain solo-focused, collaboration with friends can lead to the construction of larger bases and joint efforts against adversaries. Below, we delve into the intricacies of Palworld’s multiplayer and crossplay functionalities.

Palworld – Multiplayer & Co-op Mode:

Here’s everything you need to know about the multiplayer & co-op player modes in Palworld.

  1. Hosting and joining:
    • Players can either host or join friends in a personal save file (accommodating up to four players) or participate in dedicated servers (supporting up to 32 players).
    • To join a personal save file, the host player provides an invite code found in their options.
    • If the invite code is not visible, the host may need to activate the multiplayer option in the world settings. A new invite code is generated with each session.
  2. Dedicated Servers:
    • Engaging in dedicated servers offers multiple options: joining public servers, hosting a personal server, or utilizing a hosting website (a recommended option for simplicity).
  3. Multiplayer Dynamics:
    • Multiplayer gameplay differs notably from the regular mode, introducing several unique features:
      • Players can collaborate to defeat tower bosses, such as Zoe and Grizzbolt.
      • Guilds function akin to parties, restricting base collaboration to members within the guild. Friends wishing to build independent bases should form their guilds.

      • World exploration is an individual effort, requiring players to unveil the map and unlock fast travel points independently.
      • Loot is specific to the world, not individual players. Items picked up by one player, like chests or shiny Pal Spheres, cannot be claimed by others.
      • Dedicated servers may encounter peculiar problems not present in solo play, potentially due to multiplayer or server-related issues.
      • Examples include difficulties jumping up cliffs without falling and inaccuracies in item counting during construction.
      • Palworld is currently in early access, and the game’s soaring popularity may contribute to server stability issues.
      • If encountering issues such as being “prevented from playing multiplayer,” try standard troubleshooting steps:
        • Close and relaunch the game.
        • Run the game as an administrator (for PC users).
        • Restart your console or PC.

That’s all there is to know about the multiplayer and co-op mode in Palworld!

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