No More Heroes 3 | Trophy Guide | How To Unlock All Trophies/Achievements?

No More Heroes III has been released for all platforms. Here’s how to unlock all the trophies/achievements in No More Heroes III.

Grasshopper Manufacture produced and published No More Heroes 3 on Nintendo Switch in 2021. Marvelous published the Japanese version. It’s the third mainstream and fourth overall No More Heroes game. The game is set 11 years after No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and follows professional assassin Travis Touchdown, who returns to Santa Destroy to protect the earth against an alien invasion headed by galactic ruler prince FU and his nine superhero-clad warriors.

Travis Touchdown, a professional assassin, must climb the Galactic Superhero Rankings in No More Heroes III, a third-person action-adventure game. In return to the series open world style introduced in the original game, the player explores a man-made island and engages in minigames and defense tasks. A new episode displays a five-island global map. “Demzamtiger,” Travis’s new customized motorbike, allows easy island hopping. Fast boats might shorten island travel. Before proceeding, the player must accomplish enough chores to pay for a rated match. Next comes a boss battle against a top Rankings rival. There are a total of 51 trophies/achievements that players can unlock in the game. Here in this guide, we have made a list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them in the game.

No More Heroes III – Trophies/Achievements:

Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements that you can unlock in No More Heroes 3:

Trophies/AchievementsHow To Unlock?
Superhero!Acquire all trophies
Welcome to the Garden of SlaughterSpeak to Sylvia
Don’t Drink Too MuchSave on the toilet
Beware of FraudTransfer ranking battle registration fee via ATM
DarknessClear Episode 1: Darkness
SpaceClear Episode 2: Space
MemoryClear Episode 3: Memory
SorrowClear Episode 4: Sorrow
Dead CannonClear Episode 5: Dead Cannon
HellClear Episode 6: Hell
CrosshairsClear Episode 7: Crosshairs
LoyaltyClear Episode 8: Loyalty
Flesh and BloodClear Episode 9: Flesh & Blood
FriendsClear Episode 10: Friends
Full Power!Upgrade everything on the Skill Tree
Galactic PowerAcquire all Death Glove Chips
SpicyClear the game on Spicy difficulty
Carolina ReaperClear the game on Carolina Reaper difficulty
Time Machine MasterBeat all bosses on Death difficulty
MasterBeat all bosses with Rank S or higher
LegendaryBeat all bosses with Rank SS or higher
Sushi Hoarder!Buy all types of takeout sushi
Change of PaceChange your clothes
True ArtistDestroy all alien shells
Flavor SeekerAcquire all scorpions
Green SuccessorPlant seeds at all greenification points
CollectorAcquire all Deathman cards
Foster ParentRescue all kittens
Who Do You Love?Collect all Assassin capsule toys
Best Bout!Collect all Battle Recreation capsule toys
©SpaceCollect all Alien capsule toys
To CompletionEnter the motel Gacha Room
Wine OpenerFind all Doppelgangers
Battle-HappyClear all Defense Missions
Battle JunkieClear all Defense Missions with Rank S or higher
Battle PredatorClear all Defense Missions with Rank SS or higher
Let’s Play CatchSucceed in playing catch with Jeane 10 times
ChampionPerform 100 wrestling moves
All Clear!Unlock all save points
Ending the FeudBeat Ryuichi
Plus Ultra!!Equip a Death Glove Chip
Death GloveUnlock all Death Glove skills
DeathmanPlay Deathman
Hitting the BooksTake the tutorial in the Tutorial Room
Safe DrivingFly on your bike 20 times
I See All!Perform a successful Perfect Dodge 50 times
Bull’s-eye!Match up the slots 30 times
Nice Day for a WalkMove 30km on foot
Become the WindMove 100km on bike
Combo MasterPull off a 99-hit combo during battle
I’m the Hero!Beat 51 Mass-Produced Destroymen