New World | How To Fast Travel?

New World has a whole new universe for the players to explore, but unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be used to mount and travel around its vast world. So players want to know that is there any way to fast travel from one place to another. So here we are to tell you how to fast travel in New World.

How To Fast Travel in New World?

In New World, there are two modes of travel. One traveling system is known as the “Shrine System,” while the other is known as the “Recall System.”

Here’s how these traveling systems work in New World:

  • Shrine System:
    You can use the shrine traveling system to go from one Settlement to another that you have already visited. As these Shrines are dispersed around the world in New World, it represents the game’s primary travel mechanism. To fast travel via the Shrine System in the game, you will require one of the primary in-game currencies known as “AZOTH.” So you’ll have to visit all the settlements and discover the shrines, and you’ll need a lot of Azoth to fast travel across the New World’s Shrine System.
  • Recall System:
    Through the Recall System in New World, you can fast travel throughout the world without paying single money. To use the Recall system quickly, you must visit an Inn or a player-owned house and interact with them to check-in. You can only go quickly to the Inns or homes where you have checked in. Select any Inn on the map where you have previously checked in, and you will be whisked away to that spot in record time. The disadvantage of this System is that you can only fast travel once per hour, which means that if you recall yourself to an Inn, you must wait an hour to recall yourself back.

That’s everything there is to know about how to fast travel in New World.