MultiVersus: How You Can Equip A New Ringout ?

MultiVersus became a very popular game in a very short time and there are many things players still can’t figure out. Like How You Can Equip A New Ring out (Complete Challenge).

There are many missions that you can do in MultiVersus and equipping a new ring out is one of them. This is one of the earliest missions in the game that you need to complete. Although many players looking for a way to do this but is actually a very simple mission that you can do in the game. Also after completing this mission you will be rewarded with 100 gold too. It will be the easiest gold you will get. So check the full guide down on how you can equip a new ring out.

How You Can Equip A New Ringout?

Follow these steps to equip a new ringout:

  • First, when you open the game you need to look for the collections button.
  • You can see it opposite side of the main menu.
  • After clicking on it will give you a full list of characters in the game and if you see it down you will also see an option Global Cosmetics.
  • In Global Cosmetics you will see an option for Ringout. After clicking on that you will find many rigout animations.
  • Now choose which one you want and close the tab.
  • This is how you can equip a new ringout animation in the MultiVersus.
  • After that, you can also be able to claim 100 gold.