Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | How To Get A Fire Dragon Hardclaw?

There are several different types of materials available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here’s how to get a Fire Dragon Hardclaw in it.

You can loot Fire Dragon Hardclaw from a particular monster in the game. If you want to loot this material, you will have to defeat it in the fight and bring it back to Elgado Outpost to use in the smithy. To discover it, you must hunt down a certain monster and understand how to effectively obtain it throughout the fight. This guide will tell you how to get a Fire Dragon Hardclaw in MHR: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Fire Dragon Hardclaw:

Here’s how to get the Fire Dragon Hardclaw in MHR: Sunbreak:

  • In MHR: Sunbreak, you can loot this material by defeating Teostra, an old dragon.
  • To confront and defeat an even stronger Teostra, you must proceed through the campaign and gain your Master Rank.
  • The Fire Dragon Hardclaw will be one of the available material drops, however, obtaining it might be challenging.
  • It will be dropped from Teostra in three distinct ways,
  • It has a 20% chance of being a target reward for finishing a hunt against this monster, and an 18% percent chance of earning it by carving its body.
  • Teostra cannot be captured because it is an older dragon, thus you must defeat it.
  • It has two Wingclaws and we suggest you shoot both of them as there’s an 18% chance of dropping a Fire Dragon Hardclaw.
  • Bring the material back to the Elgado Outpost smithy to see what weapon and armor items you can craft with it.