Marvel’s Avengers | How To Unlock Spiderman | What Are His Abilities?

Spiderman has been added into Marvel’s Avengers. Here’s how to unlock Spiderman and what are his abilities in Marvel’s Avengers.

Several fans of Marvel were eagerly waiting for this moment for a long time. Finally, Spiderman has been added to Marvel’s Avengers in the latest update of the game. So we have made this guide for you so that you can know how to unlock spiderman and what are his abilities in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers – Spiderman:

Sony has the rights to Spiderman that’s why he will be available in the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers only. The other versions of Marvel’s Avengers won’t be able to unlock Spiderman. They will be able to take part in different events only instead of unlocking Spiderman.

How To Unlock:

Follow these steps to unlock Spiderman:

  • Download the latest update of Marvel’s Avengers.
  • Start a new task in the “With Great Power” event.
  • Go to Chimera Helicarrier’s War Table.
  • Look out of the window and there will be some web all over it.
  • Interact with the web.
  • A Cutscene will play and Spiderman will be unlocked.


Here we have listed all the abilities of Spiderman:

  • Spider-Man Primary Abilities:
    Here are some primary abilities of Spiderman:
  1. Heavy Attack:
    This is a very powerful ability called “Take to the Sky” that lets you throw enemies in the air. After throwing them in the air, you can use combos to give a lot of damage to some enemy.
  2. Light Attack:
    It’s an ability called “Spider Skirmish” that lets you do a combo attack and keep an enemy tied up in your combos. It has little damage, but you can keep using it.
  3. Intrinsic Ability:
    In this list, there are many abilities. First “Wreckage Skill”, this you don’t need to stun an enemy, you can take them down easily. But for this, you have to fill the gage first, that you can do by avoiding enemies attack. Then there is “Think Fast” which lets you throw enemies on the ground.

    The famous “Spider-Sense”, that let you avoid enemies attack. You will notice a sign when the enemy attacks, and can avoid it easily.“Double Fire” lets you throw your web on enemies.

Now let’s talk about some special abilities, or you can call them heroic abilities.

  • Spider-Man Heroic Abilities
  1. Ultimate Heroic Ability: Wrecking-Ball:
    The Ultimate Heroic Ability: Wrecking-Ball lets Spider-Man create a big ball of the web, and then he can smash that ball on the ground to knock down all the near enemies.
  2. Assault Heroic Ability: Web-Bomb:
    Assault Heroic Ability: Web-Bomb can be effective on many enemies. You can use this ability with just one button press on the Right of your controller.
  3. Support Heroic Ability: Spider-Drone:
    Support Heroic Ability: Spider-Drone lets you activate some drones to give you some cover fire while you are focused on some other enemies. They cover your back. You can use this ability with just one button press on the Left of your controller.

That’s everything there is to know about Spiderman in Marvel’s Avengers.