How To Unlock & Get Guns in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is a thrilling game that combines elements of action and survival, and knowing how to unlock and get guns can make all the difference when trying to survive a zombie-infested world.

Guns can be a valuable asset in DI2 and learning how to acquire them can help you progress through the game more easily. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock and get guns in Dead Island 2, including the types of guns available and where to find them.

Dead Island 2 – Guns:

Here’s how to unlock Guns in Dead Island 2:

Unlocking the First Gun

To unlock your first gun, you need to complete the Justifiable Zombicide quest, which involves defeating Nikki Gutte, the Screaming boss. After defeating her, you will meet up with Sam B who will provide you with the Sporting Rifle, the first gun in the game. Keep in mind that the boss fight won’t be easy, and it depends on the character you’re playing. However, defeating Nikki Gutte will not only reward you with a gun but also allow you to go for the Curtis Safe Key.

Exploring the Regions

Once you have the Sporting Rifle, you’ll want to expand your arsenal. The best way to do so is by exploring different regions in Dead Island 2. Each region has its own set of bosses and drops unique guns. Keep an eye out for boss fights and pick up any items they drop, as guns are often among them.

Types of Guns

Here are all the types of guns we’ve come across in Dead Island 2:

Gun TypeDescription
ShotgunA powerful weapon with a wide spread of bullets
AssaultShotgun A more versatile shotgun with a longer range
SportingRifle A basic rifle with moderate power
Nail GunA gun that fires nails at zombies
PistolA standard semi-automatic handgun
MachinePistol A rapid-fire pistol with a large magazine
RevolverA powerful handgun with a slow reloading speed
AssaultRifle A high-powered automatic rifle

Ammo Scarcity

One thing to keep in mind when using guns in Dead Island 2 is ammo scarcity. While you can find different types of guns, ammo can be hard to come by. It’s important to conserve your ammo and only use your guns when necessary. Be sure to pick up as much ammo as you can find while exploring different regions.

So, unlocking and getting guns in Dead Island 2 is essential if you want to improve your chances of survival. After completing the Justifiable Zombicide quest, you’ll have access to the first gun, and you can expand your arsenal by exploring different regions. Keep in mind that ammo is scarce, so use your guns sparingly and conserve ammo whenever possible.

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