Honkai Star Rail | How To Get Twitch Drop Rewards?

Honkai Star Rail, the latest Hoyoverse game, has recently launched along with an exciting Twitch campaign that rewards players with exclusive drops.

These drops include valuable items like Stellar Jade, which can be used to purchase new characters and Stellar Rail passes. Due to the enticing rewards, the view count for Honkai Star Rail on Twitch has skyrocketed, with many Genshin Impact streamers now playing the game. In this guide, we will walk you through how to get these Twitch drops and claim them in-game, so you too can reap the benefits of the campaign.

Honkai Star Rail – Twitch Drops:

The Twitch Drop campaign for Honkai: Star Rail started on April 26th and will end on May 25th. Here are the steps you need to take to get the Twitch drops:

  1. Launch the game and create a character (Trailblazer).
  2. Complete the missions ‘The Blue’ and ‘A Moment of Peace.’
  3. Log in to your Twitch account and go to the account connection page.
  4. Link your Hoyoverse/Honkai: Star Rail account to Twitch.
  5. Watch streams on Twitch until you have been rewarded the drop.
  6. Check your in-game inbox to redeem rewards in-game. Make sure to do this quickly as they expire in 24 hours.

Note that the drops are random, so you will have to keep watching until you receive the desired drop.

The following table lists all the rewards from the Honkai: SR Twitch Drop campaign, along with a brief description of each item’s use:

Lost Gold FragmentsA valuable currency used to purchase items in-game.
Traveler’s GuidesUsed to unlock stages and unlockable content in the game.
Condensed AetherUsed to upgrade weapons and characters.
Stellar JadeA premium currency used to purchase new characters and more.
In-Game CreditsUsed to purchase items and currency in-game.

In conclusion, Honkai: Star Rail’s Twitch Drop campaign offers valuable rewards that can enhance your gameplay experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can take advantage of this campaign and receive these rewards. Keep in mind that the drops are random, so keep watching until you receive the desired item.

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