How To Unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League?

The Galatic Mode is the most challenging mode in Mario Strikers Battle League. Here’s how to unlock the Galatic Mode.

The AI in his mode is substantially tougher than in the Standard mode, so you must be prepared for it. You will get a lot of coins after you complete it. So we have made this guide to tell you how to unlock Galatic Mode in Mario Strikers  BL۔

Mario Strikers Battle League – Galactic Mode:

Here’s how to unlock the Galactic Mode in MSBL:

  • You will have to complete all six cups in the standard mode to unlock the Galatic Mode in Mario Strikers BL.
  • Here’s the list of all the cups you must win to unlock the Galactic Mode.
    • The Cannon Cup


    • Cup Chain


    • The Turbo Cup
    • Cup for Muscles


    • Cup of Tricks


    • Cup of Champions

  • You will unlock the Championship cup after you complete all the first five cups.
  • Then you will have to complete the Championship cup to unlock the Galatic Mode.
  • Press the X button to play the Galactic Mode. You can switch between normal or Galactic Mode by pressing the X button.
  • We have listed the differences in both game modes:
    • Normal Mode


      • First Cup rewards: 400 Coins


      • Replay Cup rewards: 50 Coins


      • Opponent AI: More on the easier side


    • Galactic Mode


      • First Cup rewards: 1000 Coins


      • Replay Cup rewards: 100 Coins
      • Oponent AI: You will need a lot of practice to beat them because they are difficult.