How To Unlock Amiibo Gear Rewards in Splatoon 3?

If you are looking for a means to get access to all of the Amiibo Gear Rewards, have a look at the comprehensive tutorial that has been provided below.

The amount of interest shown in Splatoon 3 by players has surged. In this action game played from the third-person perspective, you control a number of regions that you are tasked with defending and expanding. You have access to a variety of tools that may assist you in dominating the play area and driving the opposition back. You will also need a substantial amount of equipment, some of which may be obtained via the use of the Amiibo system. This guide details all of the amiibo gear that can be acquired and provides advice on how to do it.

How To Unlock Amiibo Gear Rewards?

There are a number of perks available after scanning your Amiibo. Amiibo may be purchased from a variety of online stores, and after scanning them, you will be rewarded with rare items that can only be gained by having a conversation with the character that they represent.

If you want to give your recently purchased Amiibo some extra attention, you may do so at the Amiibo Booth located in the Square. After that, you may do a scan of your body with Joycon. It is also possible to gain adoration right away by having a conversation with the character.

  • Amiibo Gear Rewards


Pearl Amiibo

●     1st – Pearlescent Crown (Cold Blooded ability)

●     2nd – Pearlescent Hoodie (Respawn Punisher ability)

●     3rd – Pearlescent Kicks (Special Charge Up ability)


Marina Amiibo

●     1st – Marinated Headphones (Special Saver ability)

●     2nd – Marinated top (Special Power Up ability)

●     3rd – Marinated Slip-Ons (Ink Recovery Up Ability)


Marie Amiibo

●     1st – Armor Helmet Replica

●     2nd – Armor Jacket Replica

●     3rd – Armor Boot Replica


Callie Amiibo

●     1st – Hero Headset Replica

●     2nd – Hero Jacket Replica

●     3rd – Hero Runner Replica

  • Splatoon 2 Characters


Inkling Boy Amiibo (Green)

●     1st – Squinja Mask

●     2nd – Squinja Suit

●     3rd – Squinja Shoes


Inkling Girl Amiibo (Red)

●     1st – School Cardigan

●     2nd – Squid Clip-Ons

●     3rd – Fringed Loafers


Inkling Squid Amiibo (Purple)

●     1st – Power Armor Mk 1

●     2nd – Power Mask Mk 1

●     3rd – Power Boots Mk 1


Octoling Girl Amiibo

●     1st – Enchanted Robes

●     2nd – Enchanted Hat

●     3rd – Enchanted Boots


Octoling Boy Amiibo

●     1st – Steel Platemail

●     2nd – Steel Helm

●     3rd – Steel Greaves


Octoling Octopus Amiibo

●     1st – Fresh Fish Gloves

●     2nd – Fresh Fish Head

●     3rd – Fresh Fish Feet

  • Original Splatoon Characters


Inkling Boy Amiibo (Blue / Purple)

●     1st – Samurai Helmet

●     2nd – Samurai Jacket

●     3rd – Samurai Shoes


Inkling Girl Amiibo (Orange / Green)

●     1st – School Hairclip

●     2nd – School Uniform, School Shoes + Hi Socks

●     3rd – Base School Shoes


Inkling Squid Amiibo (Orange / Green)

●     1st – Power Mask

●     2nd – Power Armor clothing

●     3rd – Power Boots