How To Solve The Treasure Hunt “Decode The Note” Puzzle in Dying Light 2?

DL2 has a secret Side Quest “Treasure Hunt” in which players will need to solve the “Decode the Note” puzzle to complete the Treasure Hunt Secret Side quest. Here’s how to solve the Decode the Note puzzle in Dying Light 2.

There’s so much content available in DL2 for the players so that they can enjoy it. There’s a secret side quest “Treasure Hunt” in which you will have to solve a puzzle “Decode the Note” to find the hidden treasure in the open world of DL2. So we have made this guide to help you in solving the treasure hunt puzzle in DL2.

Dying Light 2 – Treasure Hunt Secret Side Quest:

You must meet the following requirements to unlock the Treasure Hunt Side Quest:

  • You will have to complete The Deserter Side quest to unlock the Treasure Hunt Side Quest.
  • You must keep the map instead of giving it away to someone at the end of the Deserter quest to unlock the Treasure Hunt Sidequest.
  • Once you choose to keep the map option the Treasure Hunt Secret side quest will start automatically.
  • You will be taken to the Wharf where you must talk with Albert.
  • Aiden will request Albert to help him in locating some books on ciphers and code-breaking.
  • Albert will give you a number of books to read. Pick up the first book which is on the table next to the other books.
  • A note will appear near the book after you are done reading it.  You won’t find this note in your inventory as it will be in its place near the book.
  • You will have to read 2 more books first and then you can come back to the note.
  • After decoding the note, you will get to know that its translation is: MUDDY GROUNDS WATER TOWER BASEMENT ZERO THREE TWO ONE SIX SEVEN.
  • Head towards the Muddy Grounds to get to the Warf Water Tower.
  • Go inside the tower and move towards its basement.
  • Dive into the water to find the safe, and then put the following code in the safe once you find it:

    “3, 21, 67”

  • The safe will be opened after you put this code into the safe and the “Hidden Treasure” side quest will be completed.