How To Save Herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem?

A Plague Tale Requiem, a new installment in the A Plague Tale game series, is here. Here’s how to save Herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem!

A Plague Tale Requiem followed The Innocence. Hugo and the Amica siblings star in The Requiem, set during the Hundred Years’ War. On your mission to escape being devoured by rats or tortured by the French Inquisition, you’ll encounter a varied cast of NPCs who will give you a hand. The herbalist is one of those who sadly dies at the hands of his captors. It’s probable that many players are evaluating their participation in the character’s collapse right now. The issue remains, though, whether he can be rescued. Please refer to our guide for details on rescuing the herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem.

A Plague Tale: Requiem – Herbalist:

Here’s how to save the Herbalist in A Plague Tale: Requiem:

  • If you responded “rescue the herbalist from his captors,” then you would be accurate.
  • To douse their fire, you’ll need to use the Extinguish with a Sling spell.
  • You’ll need some custom-made devices to liberate him from his captors.
  • To prevent the herbalist’s death in A Plague Tale, do as follows: Requiem
  • Investigate the huge chest hidden beneath the church in the deserted village to discover these goods.
  • The chest is positioned to the right of the image of Mary.
  • Once you have acquired the proper items, you may begin the Extinguish ritual using the Sling.
  • The fire at the church’s doorway can only be ignited with the sling.
  • It’s preferable to keep out of sight until the two guards are close on top of you.
  • As he moves ever-so-slightly to the left, use the sling to extinguish the torch of one of the guards.
  • At that time, the rats will rush in and consume the guard for lunch.
  • A second guard will then examine the guard while leaving the herbalist alone when this occurs.
  • If he moves, you’ll have to take another shot at him to put out the flames. So the other guard will wind up getting devoured by rats.
  • Though saving the Herbalist doesn’t progress the plot or affect anything, it does spare Amica a potentially embarrassing confrontation.