How To Get The Eternal Darkness Spell in Elden Ring?

Players need a mixture of spells to defeat different enemies in Elden Ring. Here’s how to get the Eternal Darkness Spell in Elden Ring.

There are several dangerous and powerful enemies and you will need a combination of different spells, appropriate armor, and weaponry. Players should gather the appropriate items for the build as well instead of just focusing on developing and maxing one sort of build. Players can find some items and spells that make the game considerably simpler. One of these spells is the Eternal Darkness Spell and in this guide, we will tell you how to get it in ER.

Elden Ring – Eternal Darkness Spell:

The Eternal Darkness Spell puts a stop to all magical activity in a short region in ER. Here’s how to get it in ER:

  • You will have to unlock the seal of Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Caelid first to get the Eternal Darkness Spell.
  • After entering the town, you will have to find and light three flames.
  • Go through the hills behind the town after you have collected Sella’s riches.
  • You will come across skeletons while crossing the hill’s trail, the first of whom carries a glaive.
  • Two boulders will try to Crush you, so you must be prepared for that.
  • Stop at the Church of Plague after passing the skeletons and boulders to begin Milicent’s questline.
  • Keep moving forward towards the gate of Sellia after that.
  • Some bats along with some Winged Demes will try to attack you there.
  • You will come across a bridge/gate after you cross the bats.
  • You will have to face a bunch of invisible Sellia spells words.
  • You will find the watchtower with spells within after you have gotten through them.
  • You will have to defeat a Bloodhound Knight so you must be prepared before you start this journey.