How To Complete The Maelstrom Quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

The Maelstrom is a challenging quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall that will put your skills and gear to the test.

It involves facing waves of enemies, completing objectives, and surviving against tough bosses. Completing this quest is a must for those who want to earn powerful rewards, including exotic weapons and armor. In this guide, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to complete The Maelstrom, as well as some tips and strategies to help you succeed.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Maelstrom Quest:

Here’s how to complete the Maelstrom quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Step 1: Speak to Zavala The first step is to speak to Zavala in the Tower. He will give you the quest and send you to the EDZ.

Step 2: Activate the Beacons Once you arrive in the EDZ, you will need to activate three beacons. These beacons can be found scattered throughout the area, and you will need to complete a mini-puzzle at each one to activate it. The puzzles involve matching symbols to unlock the beacon.

Step 3: Defend the Beacons After activating the beacons, you will need to defend them from waves of enemies. These enemies can be quite tough, so make sure you come prepared with your best weapons and gear. Once all three beacons are defended, you will progress to the next step.

Step 4: Find the Key Fragments The next step is to find four key fragments scattered throughout the EDZ. These fragments can be found in Lost Sectors, public events, and other activities. Once you have collected all four fragments, you will need to return to the location where you activated the beacons.

Step 5: Defeat the Boss After inserting the key fragments into the beacon, the final boss encounter will unlock. This boss can be quite challenging, so make sure you come prepared with your best gear and weapons. The boss has several phases, each with their own unique mechanics. Make sure you pay attention to these mechanics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Step 6: Claim Your Reward After defeating the boss, you will be able to claim your reward from the chest that appears. This reward can vary, but it will usually include a powerful piece of gear or weapon.

The Maelstrom quest in Destiny 2: Lightfall involves activating beacons, defending them from waves of enemies, collecting key fragments, and defeating a challenging final boss encounter. Make sure you come prepared with your best gear and weapons and pay close attention to the mechanics of each phase of the boss encounter. With a bit of patience and skill, you will be able to complete the quest and claim your reward.

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