How To Complete The Clean & Snatch quest in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is an open-world action role-playing game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the player has to survive against hordes of zombies.

The game features several missions and side quests, including Lost & Found quests, which are scavenger hunts that lead players to either a locked weapon chest or a missing person. One of these quests is called The Clean and Snatch, which is the first of 15 total Lost & Found quests in the game. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete The Clean and Snatch quest.

Dead Island 2 – The Clean & Snatch Quest:

Here’s how to complete the clean & snatch quest in DI2:

To begin The Clean and Snatch quest, players need to head to the pool outside of Roxanne’s crash pad for former rockstars, which is the region’s sole safehouse in Beverly Hills. Once there, head to the backyard and look for a note next to the locked chest sitting in the emptied-out pool. This note will contain a clue highlighted in red font, which players need to pay attention to as it is the lead on the next clue. In this case, players need to search the pools of Beverly Hills.

The map of Beverly Hills will show several pools, but players need to investigate only three of them that are marked on the map. In the back of the pools, players will find poolside notes that further lead them to their ultimate destination. These notes mention a prank channel, a pizza-shaped pool float, and a home in Bel-Air. The only house that fits this description is the Goat Pen house in Bel-Air, which was once home to internet pranksters and has a pizza-shaped pool toy.

When players get to the Goat Pen house, they will encounter a unique enemy named Obi, who is the subject of the notes found earlier. Players need to defeat Obi, and he will drop a key that they can take back to Roxanne’s pool to open the locked chest and receive their reward. The reward for completing The Clean and Snatch quest is a bundle of XP and an antique sword, which will be among the best weapons found so far in the game, depending on the player’s current level.

So, The Clean and Snatch quest is a fun and challenging side quest in Dead Island 2. Players need to follow the clues carefully and investigate the pools of Beverly Hills to uncover the ultimate destination, the Goat Pen house in Bel-Air. Defeating the unique enemy Obi and obtaining the key to unlock the chest will reward players with a bundle of XP and an antique sword. We hope this guide helps players successfully complete The Clean and Snatch quest and enjoy the Lost & Found quests in Dead Island 2.

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