Dead Island 2 | How To Complete Redacted?

Dead Island 2 is a game that offers a vast selection of weapons to its players, ranging from basic ones you can find on the streets to more powerful ones that are only available through story quests and lock boxes.

However, if you want to get your hands on the best legendary guns, you need to complete secret side quests. One such mission is Redacted, which leads you to the legendary Bodycount rifle. In this guide, we will show you how to complete Redacted and obtain this powerful weapon.

Dead Island 2 – Redacted Quest:

Before starting this quest, it’s essential to note that Redacted is a late/post-story mission, so you need to go through most of the story or complete the campaign before attempting it. Once you are ready, travel to Venice Beach and visit the military camp.

The first step is to find the zombie Lt. Ford inside the military tent next to the left wall, kill him and pick up the documents to start the Redacted quest.

After starting the quest, it’s time to find the legendary Bodycount rifle. Exit the military camp and head towards the northeast beach. At the second point in the map, you’ll find a military complex.

Enter through the metal gate and interact with the control panel on the left side to gain entry. From there, turn right, press the red button to open the mesh gate, and crouch to avoid the explosive mechanism before entering the door to your right.

Go through several rooms and exit through the metal door to the beach. Once there, go around container 63 to your right and enter container 66. You will need to break the wooden crates to obtain the Legendary Bodycount Rifle on your left.

Once you get your hands on the Legendary Bodycount Rifle, you will complete the Redacted secret quest automatically. However, be prepared to face a horde of zombies who will attack you immediately after obtaining the rifle. Make sure to test out your new weapon and use it to defend yourself from the undead.

So, completing Redacted and obtaining the legendary Bodycount rifle in Dead Island 2 is a challenging but rewarding task that will help you take on even the most challenging enemies.

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