Hello Neighbor 2 | Trophy Guide | How To Unlock All Trophies/Achievements?

Hello, Neighbor 2 is all set to release soon on several platforms. Here’s how to unlock all the trophies/achievements in it!

The objective of the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor 2, where you play as a next-door neighbor, is to uncover the truth about your terrible neighbor. You, as a journalist, have made the decision to take action about the Neighbor’s situation since no one else seems to care about it. Take against a formidable adversary that is controlled by a sophisticated computer system that can adjust to your playing style as well as the play style of your opponents! The Neighbor’s conduct will shift in unforeseen ways as time goes on as he becomes more familiar with the habits of the other players in the game. Do you think it’s feasible that you’re the one who will find out what the Neighbor has in mind?
The gameplay is similar to that of a simulated investigative journalist since it requires you to spy on your neighbors and uncover the most intimate details about their lives. What is the deal with that guy with the mustache who goes to the amusement park every single night?

You have access to a whole town, complete with buildings and non-playable characters (NPCs) that respond to your activities owing to the presence of artificial intelligence. There is no way to overlook the magnitude of the mystery that surrounds Raven Brooks. There are a total of 15 unlockable trophies/achievements for the players to unlock in the whole game. Here we have listed all of them in this guide along with how to unlock them as well. So keep reading this guide to the end!

Hello, Neighbor 2 – Trophies/Achievements:

Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them in The Neighbor 2:

Trophies/AchievementsHow To Unlock?
True JournalistProve your worth to Raven Brooks
Welcome to Raven BrooksComplete Tutorial
Case ClosedComplete Day 1
Shovel NightComplete Night 1
Easy As PieComplete Day 2
Family LostComplete Night 2
Treasure HuntComplete Day 3
Ancient CurseComplete Night 3
Hidden SecretsComplete Day 4
ImprisonmentComplete Night 4
ReunionBeat the game
Mad ScientistConstruct an abomination
Dog PersonYes, you can!
Cat PersonHaven’t we met before?
ClimberSynchronization complete