Halo Infinite Campaign | How To Defeat Chak Lok Boss?

It can be very difficult to fight with Chak Lok. Chak Lok is one of the tougher bosses in Halo Infinite. The good thing is we are here to help you with a guide.

It can be very frustrating to die over and over against this boss. If you head in with the right plan and equipment, though, the fight is more manageable. This guide will help you through it successfully.

Halo Infinite Chak Lok Boss

Chak Lok uses a big energy sword. This sword can be really deadly for you, so keep your distance.

Let’s start our guide on how you can beat Chak Lok?

How to Defeat Chak Lok?

  • To defeat the Chak Lok, make sure to use your sensor to know the threats near you.
  • The threat sensor is very effective against Chak Lok because this boss loves to attack from blind spots.
  • Make sure to destroy the Chak Lok shield with any of your plasma weapons.
  • Plasma weapons are more effective on shields.
  • The best way to do it is, find Chak Lok location with a threat sensor and then use grenades while maintaining the distance.
  • Fusion Coils will be effective to destroy Chak Lok shields.
  • After you are done destroying the shield. You can use your kinetic weapon too against Chak Lok.

Make sure to always keep your distance and keep repeating the process and in no time you will be the winner