Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition – How To Unlock All Achievements

GTA III: Definitive Edition has been released as a part of GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition here’s how to unlock all the trophies/achievements in Grand Theft Auto III: Definitive Edition.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition was released a few days ago for GTA fans. It was released just because GTA fans were going restless so that’s why Rockstar Games released h=the trilogy version.  GTA 6 s under work and players will be able to play the latest version – However, they have enhanced the quality and added some new features for the players to enjoy.

These are the three GTA games included in GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition:

  1. GTA III Definitive Edition.
  2. GTA Vice City Definitive Edition
  3. GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Here in this guide, we have listed all the 29 unlockable trophies/achievements and how to unlock them in GTA III: Definitive Edition.

GTA Trilogy Trophies/Achievements:

  • Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition

Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements of GTA III Definitive Edition:

Trophies/Achievements  How To unlock 
First Day on the Job First Day on the Job
Without a Scratch Without a Scratch
Escape Artist Escape Artist
Disposing of the Evidence Disposing of the Evidence
Mob Boss Keep the two mafia members alive during “Triads and Tribulations”.
Street Sweeper Waste 100 gang members.
Planned Ahead Take out Chunky Lee Chong with a car rigged with a bomb.
Got This Figured Out Use a coach to pick up all 8 prostitutes in the mission “The Fuzz Ball”
By a Mile Complete the “Turismo” race in under 180 seconds.
Wreckless Driving Perform a perfect insane stunt.
Wheels Up Complete 20 unique jumps.
Come Out to Play-y-y-y Kill 25 gang members with melee weapons/fists.
Where To? Complete 100 taxi fares.
Liberty City Minute Survive with less than 10 hp for 1 minute.
Full Artillery Use every weapon in the game at least once.
A Marked Man Complete “Last Requests”.
Offshore Delivery Complete “A Drop in the Ocean”.
Not So Fast Complete “The Exchange”.
A Gift from the King Complete the “Kingdom Come” mission.
Man Toyz Complete every RC Toyz mission.
Splish Splash Extinguish 15 fires during a single Fire Truck mission.
Playing Doctor Complete Paramedic level 12.
Going Rogue Kill 15 criminals during one Vigilante mission.
Dirty Money Amass a fortune of $1,000,000.
Right-hand Man Earn a criminal rating of 2,500.
Furious First Responder Complete Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante.
Liberty City Secrets Collect 100 hidden packages.
Is That All You’ve Got? Achieve 100% completion.

That’ everything you need to know about how to unlock all trophies/achievements in Grand Theft Trilogy III Definitive Edition.


  1. So I just finished gta 3 definitive and in my stats it says percentage complete 100 and yet the trophy is not unlocking. Any ideas as to why or if there is something I need to do to get it to pop?
    I know I did everything and now to not get the trophy I worked for has me extremely frustrated. So if any could offer any help or if anyone else has had this issue and solved it that would be great

    1. Hey so I was able to get the achievement to pop. I had to replay the final mission. Luckily I did a manual save before starting it (right after the mission S.A.M.), so I was able to head straight to Catalina. This may only work for you if The Exchange was the last thing you needed to get to 100. I’ve also read it popped for people who drive to the Portland import and crane, but that didn’t work for me

  2. Hey did it ever unlock for you? Same thing happened to me. It says 100 under stats and I didn’t use cheats ever

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