Forza Horizon 5 | How To Unlock Drift Zones And Do Open Drifting?

Forza Horizon 5 is the 5th installment of the Forza Series. Here’s how to unlock the Drift Zones and how to do open drifting in Forza Horizon 5.

If you don’t know how to drift then you can’t win a race easily in a game like FH5. FH5 has various types of challenges for the players to complete and show their racing skills. Drift Zones are one of these challenges in FH5 which challenge players to drift along a certain stretch of road and collect points. Players can show their drifting skills and earn some Accolade Points and XP to level up in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to open drift and unlock these Drift Zones in FH5.

Forza Horizon 5 – Drift Zones:

There are several Drift Zone Challenges scattered across Mexico in FH5. These challenges allow players to show their drifting skills. You must stay inside a specific stretch of road and drift as much as possible to earn points in a Drift Zone in FH5.
You must have command of the controller and have good steering skills to do drifting. You can practice and increase your drifting skills by taking these Drift Zone Challenges in the game.

Best Cars For Drifting:

Here are some cars that are best for drifting in FH5:

  1. Toyota GR Supra 2020
  2. BMW M2 2020
  3. Mazda Rx-8 2009
  4. Nissan “Gold Leader”

How To Drift:

Follow the steps below to know how to drift in FH5:

  • Press the brakes button and release the gas button while making a turn on the road.
  • Press the gas button once and steer your vehicle in the right direction.

You just need to press the reverse button at the right moment and then press the gas button when needed to drift. You will have to practice to increase your drifting skills.

How To Unlock Drift Zones:

Here’s how to unlock Drift Zones in FH5:

  • Unlock Horizon Rush Adventure Chapter.
  • Complete Canyon Expedition.

You must complete the Horizon Festival Mexico, Horizon Wilds, and Horizon Apex events to unlock Canyon Expedition missions in FH5. Once you unlock the Canyon Expedition mission, you will be tasked to drive an enormous parade float. Completing this task will unlock the Horizon Rush Outpost and from there you will be able to get Drift zone challenges along with a slew of PR stunt activities.

You will have to earn drift XP to unlock drift zones which are scattered across the map by complete drift zone challenges.