Fortnite Chapter 3 | How To Get Marcus Fenix?

Marcus Fenix is a character from a popular video game series called ‘Gears of War’. The latest leak suggests that he will be the next playable character in Fortnite’s new chapter 3.

As gamers, we all love to speculate on what’s coming in the next chapter of our favorite game. Leaks and spoilers are always tantalizing, even when they turn out not to be true. And so it is with great excitement that I bring you news of some leaked information about Fortnite Chapter 3. According to some great sources, it is clear that the new chapter of Fortnite will include a character from Gears of War “Marcus Fenix”. It’s possible that they will add some other related to that game.

Fortnite Chapter 3 – Marcus Fenix

In this article, I will also give you some tips to get them, so you can be ready to get them as soon as they get in the game.

How to get Marcus Fenix in Fortnite, Chapter 3

According to the leaks, Fortnite will add a new quest “Delta-One” in the game to get all the items and characters from “Gears of War”. You will need to complete some challenges in order to get your hands on this.

Here are all the challenges you will have to complete to get the Marcus Fenix in Fortnite Chapter 3:

  1. Collect three COG Tags
  2. Crouch behind a barrier
  3. Damage an opponent with a melee attack
  4. Do Shotgun damage to an opponent
  5. Collect three Thrashball Memorabilia

So keep an eye on our latest updates for this. For now, Fortnite did not say anything officially but let’s see when they announce.