Far Cry 6 | The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt | How To Complete?

Far Cry 6 is full of various kinds of treasure hunt, which rewards the players with unique weapons and several other things. The Truest Yaran is one of these treasure hunts that will reward players with a Shotgun. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete this treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

How To Complete The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6?

You will have to go to the Gran Finca Power Station to start the Truest Yaran treasure hunt. The power station’s door is locked, but there is a shaft that is located at the construction area, which can be used to get inside the power station. When you will go inside you will find a body of a person who did suicide by hanging.

There will be a button on top of the stairs, but it won’t work due to a power outage. So you will have to clear the clog in the pipes to restore the power. Go back to the ground floor and go down to the underwater portion through the maintenance shaft.

You will find the first Clogged pipe easily because light will be flashing near it. To clear the clogging, you will have to swing the pipe and melee it. Once the pipe is clear the water level will retreat to a lower level.

Two more pipes will be revealed after the water level is down. Use the same method on both of those pipes to clear the clogging from them. The last pipe is located within the turbine. After you are done clear clogging from all of the pipes, go back to the top and press the button which is not working before.

A Shutter will open and you will be able to enter the main office of the Grid Station. You will find a red chest lying there in the office, open it and you will get the True Loyalist Unique Shotgun and the treasure hunt will be completed.

That’s everything there is to know about how to complete the Truest Yaran treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

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