Far Cry 6 | Desert Eagle Location | How To Get?

There are several weapons in Far Cry 6. Desert Eagle is one of the best sidearms which can be used to annihilate anything that moves in the game. This weapon is located in the last Zone of the game and it is the hardest region of the game. So players will have to do some efforts to get this weapon. In this guide, we will tell you about the Desert Eagle location and how to get it in Far Cry 6.

How To Get Desert Eagle In Far Cry 6?

Desert Eagle weapon can be found in the Esperaza region of the game, and this region is full of enemies as it is a restricted area. You can’t fly there because they will shoot you down with an anti-air missile so you must go there through a vehicle or a boat. Here’s the exact location marked on the map below:

In order to get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6, you will have to complete the “The Last Man To Leave” Yaran Story side mission. You will have to go to Esperanza’s northwest corner to start this side quest. The location of this quest will be marked on your map with a purple color symbol.

You will have to unlock a door by turning on three switches that are scattered around the area to complete this side quest. When you will reach the marked location, you will find an orange box with a letter inside. Read the letter to start this side quest. You will see three wires going in various directions from your current location.

  • You will find the first switch near the sea in a blue house. You can’t go inside because it is filled with poisonous gas so you will have to blow up the tank by throwing a canister inside the room and then shoot it with your gun. The tank will explode and the poisonous gas will be vented out from the room. Go inside the room and then crouch through the way and go inside the room on your right side. Turn on the switch and then exit the building.
  • You will find the second switch on top of a tower with a water tank on it. Climb up on the side buildings and then go to the top of the tower to turn on the switch.
  • The third and final switch can be found inside a building having Mint color. Enter the building and you will have to do some tasks in a certain order to reveal a secret chamber and to turn on the last switch. Here’s what you need to do to reveal the secret chamber:
    • Turn on the Radio.
    • Turn on the Tv.
    • Find a beach photograph and turn it in.

The Secret chamber will be revealed after you perform all of these tasks in the right order. Go inside the secret chamber and turn on the last switch.

Return to the building with a locked door after you activate all the switches. The door will now be unlocked, go inside, and there you will find the Desert Eagle Sidearm from inside a red chest.

That’s everything there is to know about how to unlock the Desert Eagle Weapon in Far Cry 6.

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