Far Cry 6 | The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt | How To Find Rosa?

The Missing Muse is one of the several treasure hunts in Far Cry 6. These treasure hunts will let you earn different types of rewards such as unique weapons etc. Here we will tell you how to complete this treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

How To Complete The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6?

The Missing Muse treasure can be found in the Valle De Oro region in Cruz Del Salvador. Here’s the exact location of this treasure hunt marked on the map below:

Once you reach the marked location, you will see a red box hanging on the wall in a tiki bar. open the box and read the letter which is inside the box to start the Missing Muse treasure hunt. After that go up and search for other letters.

The first letter will be on the top of a table. It’s a poem about Rosa and the guy who wrote this poem is missing his muse, Rosa. After reading the open turnaround and go towards the key stands hanging on the wall. There you will find a key hanging there, grab it and then head down towards the boats. Go up the outpost and there you will find another poem. Up there you will find a Zipline, use it to cross the water, and go to the cliff which is on the other end of the zipline.

Once you reach there, go up the cliff and jump on the yellow ledge to go to the next cliff. There you will find the last letter, these letters are about a guy who is missing his muse, Rosa. The last poem reveals that Rosa is his boat, which is sunken underwater and he can’t swim.

So we will have to go into the water, but before jumping in you must kill all the sharks and other fish by shooting them with a gun. Once you kill all of them, jump in the water and then swim underwater and there you will find the treasure chest lying on the bottom of the Sea. Use the keys you found up there to unlock the chest. Doing so will complete the missing muse treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

That’s everything there is to know about how to complete the missing muse treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

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