Far Cry 6 | GDP Oil Platform Container Puzzle | How To Solve?

Far Cry 6, is full of puzzles, weapons, treasures hunts, etc. There’s a container puzzle that you need to solve to get the Yaran Contraband in the game. This Container Puzzle is located in the GDP Oil Platform in Far Cry 6. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the Gdp Oil Platform Container puzzle in Far Cry 6.

How To Solve The GDP Oil Platform Container Puzzle in Far Cry 6?

To find the container puzzle, open your map and look for the Yaran Contraband located on the GDP Oil Platform. You will see that it is obstructed by a container linked to a crane when you reach the marked location. Go to the right side of the containers and use the Zipline to go to the control room which is on the other end of the Zipline.

Once you enter the control room you will see a yellow control panel with a button on it. You will have to press the button to move the container. When you open the container, you will get a unique weapon “Supercharger” a silenced shotgun.

That’s everything there is to know about how to solve the GDP Oil platform container puzzle in FC6.

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