Dying Light 2 | Best Weapon Mods Guide | Which is The Best Weapon Mods To Use

Dying Light 2 has been released finally and it has several types of weapons along with weapon mods for players to unlock to survive in its open world. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Weapon Mods in DL2.

You will have to move around a lot in the open world full of zombies while completing different story missions, side quests, etc in DL2. So you must have a weapon that works smoothly and do its job within a second as there will be several zombies and other human enemies that you will encounter while progressing through the game’s story. There are some weapon mods that you can unlock and equip to your weapons to get better results in a battle. So keep reading this article if you want to know which is the best Weapon Mod in DL2.

Dying Light 2 – Best Weapon’s Mods:

  • There are not that many weapons in DL2 as compared to DL1 because the army took away all the weapons from its citizens before the outbreak. That’s why you only have the weapons that are DIY constructs with Durability stats.
  • You can then use those Mods to make your weapon more powerful and better. These Mods can be applied down on the Tip Socket, Shaft Socket, and Grip Socket of your weapon in DL2.
  • You should apply only those mods to your weapon that are a mix of Crit Mods, and Blast Mods with a Fire or Toxic elemental.
  • Once you equip these mods on your weapon, your weapon will be able to deal a lot of damage to your enemies allowing you to win a fight within no time.

Types of Weapon Mods:

Weapon Mods How It Work
  1. Crit Mod:
It will allow you to deal Crit damage to your enemy on random activation.
  1. Power Mods
You will be able to perform a Power attack on your enemy once it gets fully charged by attacking your enemy.
  1. Blast Mods
It allows you to do a Blast attack on your enemies. You will have to activate these Blast manually and you can’t use them before their cooldown time.

Here are all the Elemental types of all the weapons listed below:


Weapon Mods How It Work
  1. Blast
Your enemies will be knocked away with this weapon mod
  1. Bleed
You will be to deal high damage to your enemies with this mod
  1. Fire
You can burn your enemies in the fire with this weapon mod.
  1. Freeze 
You can immobilize your enemies with this mod.
  1. Shock 
You can deal damage to your enemies that might spread to other nearby enemies with this mode.
  1. Toxic
You can stun your enemies and then perform Vault attack combos with this mod.

That’s all there is to know about which is the best weapon mod in Dying Light 2.