Digimon Survive | How You Can Get Greymon?

If you are wondering where you can find Greymon then this guide will give you details on how you can easily get Greymon in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive is a Novel based Rpg game where you have many different choices to pick and your game changes according to those choices. Every choice has a different effect and new choices to pick from. You have a Digimon partner that you can upgrade through affinity points. It goes the same for Greymon. You need to evolve Agumon so it can turn into Greymon. This guide will give you all the steps you need to follow to get your hands on Greymon.

How To Get Greymon in Digimon Survive:

Here are all the steps you need to follow to get Greymon:

  • First, you need to get your hands on Mortal Karma.
  • With the help of Mortal Karma, you can be able to get Greymon.
  • If you made the right decisions before then there are only 3 options you will get (Tuskmon, Tyrannomon, or Greymon).
  • But For each, you need a different item. Mortal Karma for Greymon and Tuskmon from Wrathful Karma and Tyrannomon from Harmony Karma for the other 2.
  • You need to restart all your journey if your Agumon is already evolved in Tuskmon or Tyrannomon.
  • If you choose the left option on Karma MCQ’s “I am glad we came here “then you will get Greymon for sure.
  • There are 2 types of questions Karma questions that are related to your Digimon evolution and Affinity question that are related to your story.
  • You need to choose left options in karma questions that are related to actions. Instead, affinity questions are vague.