Diablo Immortal | How To Find Hidden Lairs?

There are several Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal but many players don’t know what they are and how to find them. Here’s how!

You will notice a notification in the center of the screen indicating that a Hidden Lair has been opened in this zone while you explore the different maps of DI. There is not much detail given about these hidden lairs by the game that what these hidden lairs are. So it is difficult to find these hidden lairs in the game. So in this guide, we will tell you how to find hidden lairs in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal | Hidden Lairs:

Here’s how to find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal:

  • Diablo Immortal has a slew of different events. Random enemies will spawn at times, while other times you will be fighting hordes of creatures for loot and gold.
  • One of these events is Hidden Lairs which will appear as you move through an area.
  • You can get many rewards by completing this type of event usually a guaranteed Rare or Legendary item.
  • You and your friends can also complete these events together.
  • You will have to find the Hidden Lair on the map and that’s not as much difficult as it looks.
  • You can enter the hidden lair through a portal, but you don’t know where the portal has spawned.
  • There are a set of spawn locations where the portal can appear on each map.
  • To find a portal start in the zone of the map where it appears and work your way around the map you find a blue glow.
  • Once you have discovered a Hidden Lair, select the portal to be taken to the event’s menu screen.
  • You can then choose whether to enter the lair with a group or by yourself.
  • The dungeon is completed in the same way as any other dungeon.
  • Simply continue through the levels and defeat the boss at the end.
  • There will be occurrences that appear during your cycle through the lair that are analogous to actual happenings.
  • These usually require you to plow through a slew of adversaries or beat a single foe.
  • After defeating the boss at the end, utilize the portal that appears to take you back to the zone where you discovered the lair.