Destiny 2 | All Rift Locations | Where To Find?

If you are one of those players who wants to know the location of Darkness Rift. Then this is your easy guide to knowing all the locations of Darkness Rift in Destiny 2.

There’s a lot of new content added to D2’s every new season. Darkness Rifts are one of the items that were added in Destiny 2’s new update: The Witch Queen. In this guide, we will talk about the Darkness Rifts. With this, you can get achievements or you can also aim to collect every item in the game. So here is the full location guide for all the Darkness Rift in Destiny 2.

All Darkness Rift Locations in Destiny 2

  • There is a total of 10 Darkness Rift that you can find in Destiny 2. Here is the full list:
Darkness RiftLocation
Florescent CanalGo towards the East side of the Florescent Canal. You will see Court of Thorns. Look a little South to the entrance and you will see Darkness Rift behind a small tower.
Court Of ThornsOnce you reached the Court Of Thorns. Go on the bridge and go till the end and look above. You will see Darkness Rift high up.
Queen’s Bailey


When you will go towards the North-East side of the Florescent Canal. You will see Queen’s Bailey. Now get on your sparrow and look around near some statues.
Sepulcher Lost SectorFor this, you first need to clear the Sepulcher Lost Sector that is in the Florescent Canal. Before getting to the chest check all the corners near the chest for the Darkness Rift.
MiasmaFor this, you need to go towards the edge of the Miasma. Now after you defeat Lucent Lightbearers. Look for the Darkness cube and near you will find Darkness Rift.
Metamorphosis Lost SectorGo to the Metamorphosis Lost Sector that you can find in Miasma. Find the chest there and near the chest, you need to shoot yourself with the parasite. Don’t use gravity lift first. Once you are up you will have little chance to shoot Darkness Rift. if you miss then repeat.
QuagmireGo to the Quagmire, now there you need to go towards the South-East corner. There you will come across a cube-shaped building. You will see a hole in the ceiling, and look from the hole to get the Darkness Rift.
Extraction Lost SectorCheck above one of the doors that will lead to the Lost Sector’s exit. There you will find the Darkness Rift.
Temple Of The CunningOnce you get to the Temple Of The Cunning, you need to come back from the same route that you will use in The Cunning campaign mission. Look for the Deepsight Orb, check the upper part of that to get the  Darkness Rift.
Altar Of ReflectionFor this, you need to complete the Altar of Reflection. After that when the game shows you the memories of Savathun, you need to look little left side to see the Darkness Rift.