Deep Rock Galactic | How To Get Enor Pearl?

Enor Pearl is one of the crafting Materials in DRG. Here’s how to get Enor Pearl in Deep Rock Galatic.

There are several crafting materials in DRG and one of them is Enor Pearl. You will need it occasionally to buy equipment, alterations, vanity items, and overclocks. So we have made this guide, to tell you everything you need to know about Enor Pearls in DRG.

Deep Rock Galactic – Enor Pearl:

Enor Pearl is commonly discovered underground. They can be identified as large shiny, glowing spheres. You can keep it in your personal inventory and Team Depository. You will need it for various things depending on the time such as:

  • To Purchase different Equipment.
  • Modification of Your Equipment.
  • Vanity Items.
  • Overclocks.

How To Get:

You can get Enor Pearl through various ways. Here’s how to get Enor Pearl in DRG:

  • You can purchase it by paying 150 credits from Mineral Trade Terminal.
  • You can find it from Huuli Hoarders, Cargo Crates, or near Lost Packs at the following locations:
    1. Salt Pits.
    2. Sandblasted Corridors.
    3. Radioactive Exclusive Zone.
  • You can pick it up with your hands or with the help of Bosco.
  • You can only hurl flares/throwables, ride zip lines, and travel with a 25% speed disadvantage.
  • If you will switch your weapon, or use Laser Point it will be dropped.
  • You can also hurl it to a long-distance by pressing the Fire Key.