Deathloop | How To Solve The BoatHouse Gas Puzzle?

Deathloop is a first-person action-adventure game. The game’s story revolves around Colt who is caught in a loop. He will have to defeat eight visionaries to end this loop. There are several puzzles in the game. One of these puzzles is the boathouse gas puzzle which needs to be solved to escape the boathouse. In this guide, we will tell you what you will need to do to solve the gas puzzle to escape the boathouse in Deathloop.

How To Solve The Gas Puzzle in Boathouse:

The boathouse is located behind the giant club of franks. You will have to go to the roof of the building by climbing the red railings on the side of the building. Once you are on the roof of the building go to the opposite side and then climb down. When you will climb down you will see the entry point of the boathouse. When you enter the boathouse the man behind the glass will lock all the doors and release the poisonous gas.

You will have to hack the antenna located in the room to check out the notes. The notes will tell you how to vent out the gas. There will be a button located on the top but it will not work immediately. You will have to pull two levers to make it work and for that, you will have to go down. But first, you will have to check out the codes written on a wall behind the mirror. The code is 023, and 222. Go down and break the boards to reveal the levers. Turn towards the right side and pull the first levers on the left side. The code you saw above will be written above those levers. Once you pull both levers the button will be activated. After that go back above and press the button to vent out the poisonous gas and escape the boathouse.

That’s everything there is you need to know about how to solve the gas puzzle and escape the boathouse in Deathloop.